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Premium Dried Cranberries - 250g Pouch - Imported Berries - Healthy Snack - Dry Fruits, Whole Cranberries

Premium Dried Cranberries - 250g Pouch - Imported Berries - Healthy Snack - Dry Fruits, Whole Cranberries

These premium dried cranberries are a ‘Nutritious and Delicious’ snacking option.

  • Cranberries are vitamin and mineral-dense. They are also a source of dietary fibres. Packed with an abundance of anti-oxidants, they are good for overall health.
  • The reasons listed above are why they make for a ‘Healthier Alternative’ when compared with the other snacks out there. They do not contain any cholesterol.
  • Given their many benefits, it is important to remember that dried cranberries are sweet and it is best to consume them in moderation.

Have cranberries the right way, A handful of berries every day!

NUTRITIOUS SNACK: Dried cranberries are rich in antioxidants, and are mineral and vitamin dense. They are a great source of dietary fibre and do not contain any trans fats. They may be good for hair and skin as well.

DELICIOUS SNACK: Dried cranberries are sweet and make for a nutritious and delicious snack.

PREMIUM PRODUCT: These dried cranberries are imported from USA and rate highly in terms of quality.

HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE: Dried cranberries are the perfect ‘nutritious and delicious’ alternative for someone craving a sweet snack.

VERSATILE SNACK: This quality snack can be paired with your cereal, other nuts and seeds, or even your ice cream, to add a bit of sweetness and flavour to them.

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